Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrapping Up the Waitlist

We are in the final stages of the final round as we finally finalize the new class of first-years and transfers. We really appreciate the patience of all the students who have remained on the waitlist, and for those of you who are still waiting, you should be hearing from us soon. (And when I say soon, I mean that the letters should be in the mail by Monday.)

It's always impossible to predict how many students we will be able to admit off the waitlist and this year was no different. We ended up offering admission to some waitlisted students in the first-year class, though we had almost no space in the transfer class.

Again, to our waitlisted students, we truly appreciate your continued interest and your patience. For those of you we didn't have space for, it's our loss and some other college's gain! We wish you the very best as you head off to your chosen college.