Thursday, April 30, 2009

First-Years: Enrollment Deadline is Tomorrow!

The enrollment deadline for admitted first-year students is tomorrow, May 1. You'll need to enroll online by 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) on Friday, or postmark your paper reply form by May 1.

Choosing a college can be a complicated decision and every student goes through this decision-making process in his or her own way. I hope each of you feels happy and confident with the choice you're making, and excited about your plans for next year. Of course, we hope you'll choose Carolina because we know that you'll do amazing things here, things we haven't even imagined. Over on the Tar Heel Blog, our student bloggers have been posting about their own college decisions. Katie writes that she visited four times before making up her mind--even visiting once in the rain to be sure it wasn't just the beautiful scenery that was drawing her to Carolina! Check out how a few of our current students made the decision, and why they're happy they did.

Any last-minute questions? Ask them now!

**Update: I'm sorry all, please note that you will only be able to enroll online until 5:00 pm today (Friday, May 1). I had originally posted that you could enroll until midnight, I apologize for the error!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2010 Essay Questions

We're contemplating essay questions for next year's application, and we'd love your feedback! Which questions do you like? Which would help inspire you to write a great essay? Comments and suggestions are also very welcome.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting the Fall 2010 first-year application, the online application will be up in mid-August. At that time, you'll also be able to request a paper application or download a PDF from our website.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update: Transfers

Hi all!

A few updates on transfer decisions, as we've been getting a number of calls this morning from students. I've posted some questions and answers in the next post (below) for admitted students.

The application numbers I posted on Thursday were only for transfer applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences, so I'm sorry if that caused any confusion. When we include students applying to the professional schools, we had 3,683 applications in all. We have currently admitted about 1,120. We also kept a moderately-sized waitlist, so it's possible that we'll make additional offers of admission this summer. This year we saw a fairly substantial increase in the number of applicants, about 17% more than last year. Consequently, the competition was quite stiff, and we had to turn away many students that we know would have made great additions to our community. Overall, the average GPA for our admitted transfer students was about 3.4, and the average SAT was 1238. PLEASE keep in mind, though, that our review is a holisitic one, and we consider everything we know about a student as we make decisions. Those numbers don't tell the whole story of any student. We read your applications cover-to-cover multiple times, and in the end, we had to make many difficult decisions because we had so many talented applicants.

For those of you who have been placed on the waitlist, we're sorry to extend the suspense. You can accept a position on the waitlist by following the instructions in the decision letter on your homepage. If we're able to admit students off the waitlist, we'll only do so after the May 11 enrollment deadline. We'll review the entire waitlist as a group. We may make several waves of offers, and we probably won't be able to make any offers before the end of May. We'll let everyone know the final decision on their application by June 30.

What else can you do? I'm sorry to say not much. We just need time to see how many students respond to our offer of admission, and how many additional spaces may open up. At the end of your semester, please send us a transcript that will show the final grades of any courses you're currently enrolled in. That's all the information we need.

No decision yet?
It seems from the comments that there are a number of transfer students who aren't seeing their decision online yet. If that's the case, please don't panic. It's not bad news, it just means that we don't have your decision ready yet. It's possible that some of your materials were submitted late, or we just needed additional information before we could make a decision on your application. If you applied to one of the professional schools (Nursing, Education, Dental Hygiene, etc), your letters may arrive at a different time than the bulk of our transfer applicants who apply to the College of Arts and Sciences.

If your decision isn't up yet, please be patient as we continue our work of reading your application. If you are concerned that we may not have received all of your application materials, you can give our office a call to check on the status of your application.


Admitted Transfer Q&A

Hi all! We're getting lots of questions via blog comments, email, and phone, so here are some of the most frequently-asked questions, and the answers!

When will I get my decision letter in the mail?
It should be arriving any day now, if you haven't already gotten it. The package will also include a handy brochure that will tell you everything you need to know about orientation, housing, all that good stuff. There's also a list of Next Steps that will help guide you through enrolling and arranging housing, etc.

When's the enrollment deadline?
May 11

When will I receive the official evaluation of my transfer credits?
You'll receive a letter containing your official evaluation by the end of the month (probably sooner for most of you).

When will I receive my financial aid package?
Within the next two weeks. Check out the letter from financial aid that arrives with your admission letter in the mail. It has important information about how to create your ONYEN, get an email address, and check your financial aid status online.

Can I defer the enrollment deposit and still apply for housing?
Yes. You'll need to select that option when you reply to our offer either online or by mail. Once we receive and process your reply, you will be able to apply for housing and register for orientation. Please note that there is no housing deposit required, but there is a cancellation penalty if you withdraw your housing application. There should be plenty of housing for all the transfer students who wish to live on campus, so don't worry about rushing to apply. There is plenty of time to fill out the application.

When will I be able to register for classes?
Once your enrollment deposit has been processed, the Advising office will assign you an advisor and it's highly recommended that you speak with this advisor either on the phone or in person before registering. The Office of Academic Advising has a great Transfer Guide that is extremely helpful. This will walk you through how advisors will be assigned, how you can register for classes, the curriculum, and graduation requirements. You'll want to register for classes before TSOP, but keep in mind that you can always tweak your schedule during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.

What will Transfer orientation (TSOP) be like?
Transfer orientation is a one-day program offered on two different dates during the summer. You'll get to meet students, tour campus, talk to advisors, and learn about housing, study abroad, research opportunities and more. Orientation is not required for transfer students, but I definitely recommend it as it's a great way to get to know campus.

What other questions do you have? Post them in the comments, and we'll respond asap. Thanks!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank you transfer applicants

Transfer decisions will be up by the end of the day, but I first wanted to thank you all for applying. We are honored by every application we receive, and we work so hard to ensure that each applicant receives a thoughtful, thorough review. We read your essays and your stories. We study your academic record and the path you've traveled. We truly enjoy getting to know you through your application.

And while we love admitting transfer students for the unique perspectives they bring to our community, we are faced with the reality that we have many more qualified applicants than spaces to offer to transfer students. And this year, the competition for those spaces was stronger than ever. We received just under 3,000 applications, which was an increase over last year by 17%. We'll admit around 950 of those students. The applicant pool was exceptionally strong this year, and we had to make many, many, many tough decisions.

What questions do you have? How can we help? Our office is closed tomorrow for the Spring holiday, so please post your questions here and we'll respond to them as soon as we can.

Thanks again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

National Champions!

(photo courtesy of the Daily Tar Heel)
This is a very happy campus today. Check out the Daily Tar Heel for photos and videos of the game and all the celebrations. You can also see a very cool panoramic photo from the News and Observer. They're reporting that about 45,000 people gathered on Franklin Street to celebrate the victory. One of the more impressive displays of Carolina spirit! Go Heels!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Transfer Decisions will be up April 9

Decisions will be available on your homepage by 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) on Thursday, April 9. Your official letters will arrive in the mail within a few days of that.

We are honored by every single application we receive, and we strive to give each one as thoughtful and as thorough a review as we can. I think we all really enjoy reading transfer applications--the diversity of your backgrounds and experiences is tremendous and we recognize how much your unique perspectives can contribute to our community.

Thank you! Please let us know if you have questions.