Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank you transfer applicants

Transfer decisions will be up by the end of the day, but I first wanted to thank you all for applying. We are honored by every application we receive, and we work so hard to ensure that each applicant receives a thoughtful, thorough review. We read your essays and your stories. We study your academic record and the path you've traveled. We truly enjoy getting to know you through your application.

And while we love admitting transfer students for the unique perspectives they bring to our community, we are faced with the reality that we have many more qualified applicants than spaces to offer to transfer students. And this year, the competition for those spaces was stronger than ever. We received just under 3,000 applications, which was an increase over last year by 17%. We'll admit around 950 of those students. The applicant pool was exceptionally strong this year, and we had to make many, many, many tough decisions.

What questions do you have? How can we help? Our office is closed tomorrow for the Spring holiday, so please post your questions here and we'll respond to them as soon as we can.

Thanks again.