Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why you should visit Carolina this summer

You may have visited us before; perhaps you've attended an athletic event or driven through campus. But have you experienced Carolina from the perspective of a student? Have you taken a tour of our beautiful residential campus? Have you visited a class? Or, have you simply taken a seat along the Pit -- our famous gathering place -- and observed the unique energy of our students?

Our students are some of the strongest and most diverse in the nation, and they'll happily tell you about the academic opportunities we offer that will prepare you to change the world. They also have their own opinions about just why you should visit us. In fact, we asked a few of them that very question:

“Carolina was the only in-state school where I applied. After scouring the east coast for a school that would fit my personality, I finally decided to take a tour at UNC. The minute I stepped foot on campus, I realized Carolina was exactly what I was trying to find. What sets Carolina apart from every other university is the vibrancy of its students. Carolina has some of the most inspiring and active individuals that you will ever meet.” -- Kelsey Farson

“As a high school senior, I knew that UNC would be the perfect niche in which my intellectual curiosities could flourish with the support of like-minded, gifted students from all over the world. But it took a visit to UNC’s breathtaking campus to know for sure that I wanted to make Carolina my new home. What really makes this place special, though, is not the university’s statistics, history or reputation. It’s those personal touches—invaluable relationships, boundless studying and exploring opportunities, and a sense of a connected and compassionate learning environment, which I’m a part of every day—that’s what brought me here, and that’s what will keep a piece of my heart in this place for the rest of my life.” -- Ben Anders

“When I was applying to colleges, I was almost positive I wanted to go to an out-of-state Ivy League, and UNC was actually the only in-state school I applied to. I thought I knew everything about the campus and about the people. I also thought I would have too many connections here, making a college a mere continuation of high school. When I came to visit, however, I discovered I was so wrong. I felt like I already went to school here. And that's when I knew it was a perfect fit.” -–Tori Stillwell

The summer is one of the best times to visit Carolina. The beautiful weather makes it impossible to stay inside and the campus is alive with inspiring students such as Kelsey, Ben, and Tori. They are eager to meet you and chat with you more about Carolina. Schedule your campus visit today. We look forward to seeing you soon!