Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Newest Transfer Students

We recently posted some details about the first-year class that joined us this fall, but we also wanted to give you some more information about the students who joined our sophomore and junior classes as transfer students. These students bring a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to Carolina, and our community is all the stronger because of it.

Transfer Applications to the College of Arts and Sciences for Fall 2010:
2,929 applied
1,189 were admitted
823 enrolled

Of those who enrolled:
71% enrolled as sophomores and 28% enrolled as juniors
52% are female, 48% are male
23% are first-generation college students

The average college GPA for enrolling sophomores was 3.38 and the average SAT (CR+M) was 1230. The average college GPA for enrolling juniors was 3.29 and the average SAT was 1172.

If you're considering applying to Carolina as a transfer student, I encourage you to check out Jacob's posts over on Tar Heel Blog. Jacob joined us as a sophomore transfer student last year, and has since been writing about his experiences here at Carolina. If you have questions about what life is like at Carolina from a transfer student's perspective, he is always happy to respond to your comments.