Friday, November 5, 2010

Extraordinary Opportunity: Assured Enrollment in Journalism

When you apply to Carolina, you're automatically considered for a number of special opportunities. In addition to merit scholarships and the Honors Program, we also consider you for programs that match incoming students with some of exciting opportunities that exist on this campus.

We recently posted about Assured Enrollment in Business, and today we're focusing on a similar program we offer for students interested in Journalism. Carolina students generally apply to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication during their second year of study at Carolina. Each year, however, a select group of outstanding first-year students are offered assured enrollment in the undergraduate program in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication--widely acclaimed as one of the best such programs in the nation.

Students who are chosen for the program take two special first-year seminars focusing on journalism. In this way, students are able to start exploring their interest in journalism from the first day they step on campus. There's no obligation to pursue journalism if students' interests lead them elsewhere--they're always free to choose another major if they wish.

All applicants are considered for this program just by applying for admission--there's no separate application required.

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