Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on Decisions

With just days to go before our final notification date, we write to thank all of our candidates who honored Carolina by applying for admission. Over the last several months, as we’ve read your applications one by one and over and over again, we’ve been continually impressed by your achievements and your potential. We have also been humbled by your patience. You have borne this long wait with grace and good humor, and we are grateful.

We expect to finish on time our evaluations of first-deadline candidates whose decisions were deferred and second-deadline candidates whose applications are complete. If you applied by our first deadline and your decision was deferred, or if you applied second deadline and your application is complete, we plan to post your decision on MyUNC on or around March 18, 2011. We expect letters to arrive by mail at around the same time or shortly thereafter.

For further updates, including detailed instructions about how candidates may view their applications through MyUNC, please visit this blog again later this week. If you wish to be notified whenever we update the blog, please subscribe by entering your email address at right. Please note that, if you choose to subscribe, you will continue to receive notifications until you unsubscribe, regardless of the status of your application.

Again, thanks to all who’ve applied – not only for your interest, but also for your patience.