Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Transfer Application FAQs

I posted some information for first-year applicants last week, so I wanted to follow up with some information for prospective transfer students today. Here are some questions we've been getting lately--please just let us know in the comments if you have additional questions.

Which application should I submit?
Most transfer students may submit either the Common Application or the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) application. We don't have a preference for one of these applications over the other. Both provide us with the exact same information about candidates, so you can choose whichever application you prefer.

However, if you are a junior transfer applicant for one of the professional schools, you should apply using the UNC Online Application through MyUNC. These programs include Nursing, Radiologic Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Public Health, and Education. You can visit the program websites for more information, deadlines, and application instructions.

Do you require essays?
We ask transfer students to submit one essay. Here is the prompt: Please provide a statement of 250 – 500 words that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.

You'll also have the option to submit an additional statement if you feel there is any other information you'd like to provide that hasn't already been covered in other parts of the application.

Do I need to send a letter of recommendation?
We don't require letters of recommendation for transfer applicants. However, if you'd like to submit one, you can have your teacher/professor email it to us at

**If you are applying to one of the professional schools mentioned above, you'll want to check their application instructions for any additional requirements.**

Check out more information about applying as a transfer student on our website. And please just let us know what other questions you have!