Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Common Application is Now Available

Hard to believe it's already August, but indeed here we are on August 1 which means the Common Application is now live! If you're planning to apply through the Common Application, you can now create your account on their website and begin getting familiar with the application. Don't stress, though, because our first application deadline, October 15, is still two and a half months away. You have plenty of time.

If you apply through the Common Application, you'll also submit a UNC-Chapel Hill Supplement form. The supplement isn't available yet, but should be up within a couple weeks.

If you're planning to apply through CFNC, that application will be available by mid-September.

And whether you're applying this year or not, we hope you'll go ahead and create a MyCarolina page, which is a portal just for prospective students. Through MyCarolina, you'll get information about Carolina that's specific to your interests. You'll also be able to track the status of your application through MyCarolina and view your admission decision when it's ready. If you're already in our system because we met you at a college fair or you already created an account, you can log in here. You can also reset your password by clicking "Forgot/Reset your password."

Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions we get as students begin their applications, and you can also review the detailed directions for applying as a first-year or transfer applicant.

More questions? Just leave us a comment below.

Should I apply through the Common Application or through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)?
If you're applying as a first-year, you can choose whichever is more convenient for you. The questions and requirements are the same, so it does not matter to us which you choose. You’ll want to find out whether the other colleges you’re planning to apply to accept either of these applications, as that may help you decide which application to complete.

If you’re applying as a transfer, check out our Transfer page to find out which application you should use.

What are the deadlines?
View our deadlines here. Not sure which deadline to choose? Check out this post, where I wrote about the difference between our two deadlines.

How many essays will I need to submit?
You can see this year's essay prompts in this blog post

How do I submit my supplemental materials?
When you complete either the Common Application or the CFNC application online, the instructions will give you full details on how to submit your counselor statement, teacher recommendation, and transcript.

If you’re applying through the Common Application, you’ll indicate on the application which teacher(s) and counselor will submit materials on your behalf. You’ll enter their email contact information, and the Common App will send them instructions on how to submit the materials. They’ll submit the information directly to the Common App, so they’ll only have to upload it once no matter how many schools you apply to. You’ll want to touch base with your teacher and counselor to make sure they’ve gotten the email from the Common App, and they are all set to submit the materials.

 If you’re submitting a CFNC application, you’ll need to ask your teacher and counselor to submit these materials directly to us. Your teacher may submit the letter of recommendation by email ( or by mail. Your counselor may submit your Counselor Statement and official transcript through a secure electronic delivery service (Docufide or Naviance), or through the mail. Talk to your counselor to find out which method he/she prefers.

No matter which application you use, you'll need to have your official SAT or ACT scores sent to us directly from the testing service. We accept scores taken through November for Early Action and through December for Regular Decision. 

How many letters of recommendation should I send?
We only require one letter for first-year applicants and generally find one letter to be sufficient. However, if you’d like to submit additional letters, you’re welcome to do so.

Can I submit additional materials (resume, etc?)
You’re welcome to submit additional materials by sending them directly to us by email ( or by mail. Keep in mind these materials can’t be returned and we can’t view any multimedia materials submitted by mail (CDs, DVDs, bulky portfolios, etc). If you’d like to share artwork or multimedia work, the best method is to display it online through a website, blog, or online portfolio. You can then include the URL in your application.

Whenever you submit materials to us by mail or email, it’s very helpful if you include your full name and date of birth, so we can easily match it to your application.