Friday, June 14, 2013

Recreation at UNC - Student Spotlight: Raven Jones

Staying active can prove to be one of the hardest challenges in college. With hectic class and extracurricular schedules (not to mention sleep and social!), recreation might eventually fall to last place on the priority list. However, it is UNC Campus Recreation’s mission to provide “a diverse and intentional recreational program in a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment which enhances the social, mental, and physical well-being of the entire University community.”  

Rising senior Raven Jones has made recreation the center of her life at Carolina. Not only does she play on the UNC Women’s Club Basketball team, serve as president of Carolina Fitness Professionals Club and work at the Student Recreation Center (SRC), but has also dedicated her academic studies to Exercise and Sports Science (EXSS).

Her love of the game started at the young age of three and continued throughout high school on the varsity team. After spending her four high school years dedicated to competitive basketball, it seemed only natural for her to continue playing competitively at UNC. Thus far, her experience with the club team has been incredible: 

“Everything from my hilarious teammates both on the road and on the court to practicing hard during off season to winning together has really made my time on the team worthwhile.”

Her passion for sports doesn’t stop with club ball, either. She also loves her job working for Campus Recreation in the Facilities Department where she is responsible for supervising Fetzer and Woollen gyms. She enjoys getting to meet new people and seeing friends work out while still staying connected with the EXSS department, which is conveniently just a few steps down the hall. Her job serves both an academic and social purpose; she can stop by a professor’s office on her way out to ask a question or catch up with friends at the gym. For Raven, this recreational community triples as an academic, athletic and social place that houses all of her interests in one central location.

As an EXSS major, Raven sees her involvement with Campus Rec and her club sport as the perfect way to personally interact with others who are as deeply passionate about exercise and wellness as she is. After her four years at Carolina, she plans either to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy or work in community relations for a professional sports team.

Playing a club sport, being president of a health related club, working for Campus Recreation and majoring in EXSS has given Raven exposure to all sides of the sports world. Her Carolina experience not only steered her in the direction of her professional future, but also gave her the means to explore her passion and gain a deeper appreciation for it from all angles.

Do you love sports as much as Raven does? Explore Carolina’s recreational avenues and envision yourself on a similar path. Check out UNC’s athletic resources both for academics and for fun below!

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