Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Transfer Essay Questions

We have finalized the essay questions for the Fall 2010 Transfer Application. The application itself won't be up for another few weeks, but now you can get a head-start on your essay. You'll need to choose one of the prompts below for a 500-word essay:
  1. People find many ways to express their inner world. Some write novels; others paint, perform, or debate; still others design elegant solutions to complex mathematical problems. How do you express your inner world, and how does the world around you respond?
  2. It’s easy to identify with the hero—the literary or historical figure who saves the day. Have you ever identified with a figure who wasn’t a hero—a villain or a scapegoat, a bench-warmer or a bit player? If so, tell us why this figure appealed to you—and if your opinion changed over time, tell us about that, too.
  3. After your long and happy life, your family must choose no more than a dozen words to adorn your headstone. What do you hope they choose, and why?
  4. If you have written an essay for another school’s application that you really like, feel free to use it as your essay for us. Please be sure to tell us (a) what essay you are answering and (b) why you think this essay represents you well (your explanation will not be included in the essay word count).
You can also choose to submit an optional additional statement. We ask that you please limit your answer to about 250 words:
Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your background or interests that you didn’t have the opportunity to share elsewhere? Have you overcome exceptional difficulties or challenges? Have you participated in any programs or activities to help you prepare for college, such as Governor’s School, Project Uplift, Gear-Up, AVID, Upward Bound, LEAD, ROTC or Summer Ventures?