Monday, July 2, 2012

Presenting: Ask Admissions

After weeks of testing we are ready to unveil (drumroll mouse scroll, please) our new and improved custom search Ask Admissions. Yes, the excitement is contagious ... don’t be alarmed.

Our search features “Quick Links" and "Quick Answers” based on your most frequently queried items as well as hundreds of custom answers.

Even with all of our work testing links and squashing programming bugs, we could use a few more proofreaders. We invite you to review Ask Admissions and alert us at of any glitches you encounter. When reporting, please copy the url of the offending result(s) and send them our way. Thanks for your help and please don't forget to rate your answers.

Go Heels! Special thanks to our internal testers: Ashley, Frank, Arbra, Erin and Julie : )