Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dinner with a Carolina Alum

Song of the Day: “Monster Mash,” Bobby Pickett

Hello, admissions intern Will Rimer again. UNC has many famous alumni. There’s a lengthy Wikipeia entry about them all. I suggest you give it a read, although it might take you a while.

If you could eat dinner with just one of them, who would it be? Tough question, right? Well, I asked the admissions counselors. They thought it was a pretty difficult too, but below you’ll find what they think.


Who would you choose? Let me know, and if you have any questions you’d like to ask admissions counselors, tell me.

PS-My choice: Thomas Wolfe, Billy Crudop, Adam Greenberg, Rick Fox, Andy Griffith, Stuart Scott, Davis Love III, Bomani Jones, Woody Durham, Charles Kuralt, Jim Lampley, Walt Weiss, Rob Nelson, James K. Polk, Rasheed Wallace ….

PPS-Yes, I know that’s more than one, but I make the rules, so I get to choose.

PPPS-Yes, I want to be a sports broadcaster.