Thursday, November 15, 2012

Q&A with Assured Education Student Stephanie Cassell

Today's Q&A is with Stephanie Cassell, a first-year from Mint Hill, NC who is a student in the Assured Admission program in the School of Education. Last year was our first year offering assured admission to the education program, so Stephanie is a part of the inaugural class. Assured Education students are able to start their education coursework early with a special first-year seminar and other classes. It's just one of the nine special opportunities that we offer each year to enrolling first-year students. (Get more info about these opportunities in this blog post from last year.)

What do you hope to do with your degree in education? What experiences have led you to this field?
With my degree in mathematics education, I plan to be a high school math teacher in North Carolina. Currently I am open to teaching any type of high school math once I become a teacher. Quite a few experiences led me to this field. I knew that I wanted to teach when I taught classes at my church, and I knew that I wanted to teach math because it was my favorite subject. I was also a tutor for a few years. I tutored students who were in the 3rd grade all the way up to 11th grade students. I loved tutoring. Many parents cosigned on my dream to be a teacher when they would tell me how their child’s success in math was partially my responsibility. I also took two years of Teacher Cadet. Teacher Cadet introduced me to the different forms of teaching and the many different types of teachers.

What are some of the benefits of being in the Assured Education program?
One of the benefits of being in the Assured Education Program is that I am able to take education courses during my freshman year. By being able to take education classes during my freshman year, I have more time to decide if education is truly the field for me. By taking education courses early, I am also able to network with those who have worked in the education field and I can possibly meet a future mentor.

Any study abroad, internship, extracurricular, or other interesting experiences you’ve had or plan to pursue?
In the near future, I plan to tutor students in nearby high schools in the subject of math. Also, here at Carolina, students are able to take some math courses abroad. It would be very interesting to take a class in my favorite subject while being in a country that I have never visited before.

What else would you tell prospective students who are considering Carolina?
I would tell future students that there is something for everyone here at Carolina. No matter what a student’s interests may be, there is a club or a group for it. If there is no group already formed, there is a great chance that there are a group of people who have the same interests as you. I would also tell prospective students that there are so many resources on campus to help students succeed. For example, there are resources ranging from a writing center to multiple tutoring services. Finally, there are many ways for students to improve themselves outside of the classroom. There are sessions that focus on improving study skills as well as improving reading speed. By taking one of the study skill sessions, I have gained multiple tips on how to take better notes and how to prepare for exams. Not only can students improve their minds but their bodies as well. There are multiple places to work out that offer a variety of group fitness classes. Some personal favorites of mine are Zumba and belly dancing. Here at Carolina, you can do it all!