Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stress can be a real "Bear"

This time of year seems to lend itself to feeling stressed. From homework to application deadlines to the utter agony of waiting to hear back from the schools you've applied to, you have a lot on your plate - and we haven't even gotten to the Mayan apocalypse yet.

Here at Carolina, we're feeling the pressure, too. Today is a "reading day" for students: classes ended yesterday and final exams start tomorrow, so all across campus, Tar Heels are burrowed into their books. Davis Library is even tweeting status reports for those searching for a study spot:

For the admissions committee this time of year, almost every day has to be a reading day. Because we don't make decisions based off any one factor like your GPA or your test scores, it takes time to build our class. We know this can be frustrating and can leave you wondering why this all takes so long. We know that with the approach of our Regular Decision deadline on January 7 and the release of Early Action decisions at the end of January, your stress levels are going to creep up over the next few weeks. But in the spirit of keeping calm, here are a few tips from Bear, one of several therapy dogs on campus today and next week:

Feeling tired? Be sure to get enough sleep.
Don't forget to eat healthily, either.

Ask for a helping hand.

Remember, stress is a normal part of life...

...but we're all in this together.

(I don't actually have a caption for this one; I just really like puppy cheeks.)