Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Early Action FAQs

We have received several questions this week about scholarships and more, so read on for the answers you seek!

Have all Scholarship Day invitations for Early Action applicants been sent?
Approximately 200 Early Action applicants have been, or will be, invited to our first Scholarship Day on February 1. However, if you do not receive an invitation to Scholarship Day, that does not mean you will not receive a scholarship. Our second Scholarship Day will take place in late March.

When will Early Action applicants receive honors and merit scholarship offers?
Honors and merit scholarship offers will be mailed and emailed throughout the month of February. A small number may also be sent in the spring.

Would now be a good time to visit? What’s happening on campus since the new semester began?
Yes! Campus is abuzz with activity and energy in 2013! Check out the Tar Heel Blog to see what students are up to.