Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Early Action!

Our Early Action deadline of October 15 is coming up this weekend, so there are just a few days left. If you’re planning to submit an early-action application, here are some of the FAQs we’ve been getting this week:

What must be submitted by the deadline?
Only your application and the UNC-CH supplemental form (if you are submitting the Common App) must be submitted by the deadline of October 15. Everything else—transcript and counselor form, letters of recommendation, test scores—can arrive after the deadline. Even if these items arrive later, we'll still consider you for Early Action so long as your part of the application is submitted by the deadline.

We accept SAT and ACT scores for tests taken through November for Early Action and through December for Regular Decision. Just be sure to have the test report sent to us as soon as it is ready.

What happens after I submit my application?
Whether you submit the Common Application or the CFNC application, we’ll receive your application electronically on the business day after you hit the “submit” button. We’ll send you an email thanking you for submitting your application at that time. Then, within another day or so, we’ll send you a second email detailing how you can create your MyUNC account. Be on the lookout for this important email as it will include specific login information. All emails will come from unchelp@admissions.unc.edu, so be sure that your email will accept messages sent from this address. Through MyUNC, you’ll be able to view your Admissions To-Do List and you’ll also be able to view your decision when it’s ready (in January for Early Action or in March for Regular Decision).

Have you received my [transcript, test scores, etc…]?
After you create your MyUNC account, you can track all submitted materials through your To-Do List. You can see what test scores we’ve received by clicking the “View my test scores” link at the bottom of your Student Center. Please know that we are receiving thousands of documents every day so it can take a good bit of time (up to 4-6 weeks) for us to link submitted materials to your application. If you call our office, we probably will not be able to tell you anything more than you can see for yourself on your To-Do List. Please be patient and continue checking MyUNC. We’re working hard to link materials as quickly as we can.

Above all, please don’t stress about your submitted application materials! They will all find their way into your application in good time. And we don’t give any advantage to students who apply early, so a slight delay is not going to affect the review of your application in any way. Just do your due diligence in sending the materials in a timely manner, and follow up with your counselor and teacher to be sure they’re submitting their materials as well.

Keep in mind that our final application deadline will be January 5.

What other questions do you have? Please just let me know.