Monday, January 23, 2012

FAQs for Deferred Students

Each year we defer a small number of our early-action applicants because we can't make a final decision on their application yet. If we deferred your decision, we're so sorry that we have to ask you to wait longer for a decision, but we promise to have a final decision to you by the end of March. I know, the waiting stinks. I'm so sorry. Here are some frequently-asked questions, please just let me know what others you have.

What are my chances?
This is impossible to predict at this point. On the FAQ sheet that we included with your letter, you can see that we ended up offering admission to 289 deferred students last year, and 259 the previous year. We won't know until March how many we'll be able to admit this year.

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?

Send us your midyear grades. By the end of next week, we'll be sending you an email with instructions on how to self-report your midyear grades on MyUNC. Don't ask your counselor to send us a paper report; instead you'll enter your own grades online. If you have new test scores, you can send us those as well. Beyond that, I'm afraid all you can do is wait.

Should I still apply for Financial Aid?
Yes. The Financial Aid deadline is March 1, so you'll still want to submit your application in case we are able to admit you. More info on the Student Aid website.