Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big 5-0 and Questions of the Day

Today our director, Steve Farmer, turns 50 years old. Here he is demonstrating the use of his blow-up geezer walker before blowing out the candles on his cake. The visitors gathering for our 2pm tour joined all of our staff in singing “Happy Birthday” and were treated to a photo slideshow of Steve’s life, complete with baby pictures and yearbook photos. (He was Homecoming King AND co-valedictorian!) Steve has been good-humored about all of the fun, though he doesn’t yet know this picture will be gracing the blog…

In the midst of the celebrations, we’ve been getting the following questions by email and phone today. Let us know what other questions you have!

Can I attend summer school at UNC as a visiting student?
We welcome applications from students enrolled at other universities or in high school for summer study.For more information about attending Carolina during the summer, please see the Summer School website.

I previously applied as a first year and now I am applying as a transfer student. Will my documents still be on file?
We’re sorry but we must ask you to resubmit any materials you may have previously sent us as a first-year applicant, in addition to the material required for a transfer applicant. See our list of transfer application requirements.

I received an email stating that my application has been withdrawn; what does that mean?
We’re sorry that we had to withdraw your application. This means that we were missing critical items and were unable to continue with our review and give you a decision. If you can arrange to have your missing items here no later than 5:00 PM Thursday, March 15, we will reinstate your application. We will accept faxed transcripts/test scores for the initial review of the application. We will not, however, admit a student until we have the official document. If you believe that you can arrange to have the materials here by March 15, please email us as soon as possible and we will reinstate your application.