Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Melissa Kotačka, Assistant Director of Admissions

Today we introduce you to Melissa Kotačka, Assistant Director of Admissions. As a key member of our staff, she serves on the team that oversees our office's travel to high schools, college fairs and other events. There is a good chance that you may have met her in person. She most recently represented our office at a regional college fair hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling fair in Charlotte, N.C. As with all of our recruitment staff, she enjoys chatting with you in person or over the phone or via Twitter @makunc. The voice of Melissa follows:

As a first-generation college student and the only member of my immediate family to earn a Bachelor's degree, I have true empathy for students and families who struggle with the steps involved in applying to and enrolling in college. My biggest motivation in my work is that I want things to be easier for the students I work with than it was for me – but my favorite thing about Carolina is that here, it’s cool to be smart. When I came here as a graduate student, I felt like I’d found my intellectual home…and now I get to help other students on that journey, too!

Questions of the Day

What’s that thing above your name? I earned my Master of Arts degree in Slavic Languages and Literature here at Carolina – an homage to my Czech heritage – but don’t worry: I’m the only Melissa in the office, so you can just ask for me by first name!

When can I register for classes? All admitted first-year students will register for classes during orientation. Read more about the steps for registering for classes.

When will I receive my financial aid information? The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid is hard at work putting together financial aid packages for admitted students. Most first-deadline applicants should have financial aid packages by early April. Be sure to set up your Onyen and UNC email account, as that is how Student Aid will communicate with you.

Can I see a dorm room? A model room is typically available to visit throughout the year, Monday-Friday. The room location changes depending on the time of year and periodic hall renovations. When you come to visit us, we'll give you a map and point you in the right direction. You can also view our residence halls online.

I’m applying as a Junior Transfer student and I didn’t see business as a major. The Kenan-Flagler School of Business doesn't accept transfer students directly into their program. When applying as a Junior Transfer, students first select another major within the College of Arts and Science; once admitted, students apply to the business school during their first semester on campus.

Carolina claims the title of “Oldest Public University”, however I read that William & Mary and University of Georgia were established before Carolina. By our definition, UNC-Chapel Hill is the true oldest public university. Carolina was chartered by the North Carolina General Assembly on December 11, 1789 and classes began in 1795; Carolina was the only public university in the U.S. to have granted degrees in the 18th century. Although William & Mary was chartered in 1693 the school originated as a private institution and did not become a public university until 1906. The University of Georgia was chartered in 1785, but did not start classes until 1801.

My To-Do List shows that I need to submit my courses in progress; how do I do that? Simple! Please submit either a hard copy or email stating your current courses. Within that document please include your complete name and your birth date. Our mailing address and email is listed below.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jackson Hall, Campus Box 2200
153A Country Club Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tel: (919) 966-3621