Monday, March 26, 2012

FAQs for Denied Students

I'll start by saying I'm so sorry we disappointed you. We know how hard it is to receive this kind of bad news, and we really hate delivering it. The most important thing to remember is: it's not you, it's us. We have so many talented applicants--over 29,000 this year--and only space for 4,000 in our first-year class. We have to deny so many students who could do great things here.

In the Admissions Office, we've had the pleasure of getting to know a current student named Marietta through our work with the Campus Y on the Global Gap Year initiative. Marietta is an outstanding student who came to us as a transfer. We asked if she'd be willing to share a little of her experience. Here are her words:

I was not accepted to Carolina as a high school senior. Instead I headed to another state school in the Northeast. I opted to apply to transfer to UNC two years later and was surprised and elated to hear that I had finally gotten in. The campus was bigger, and more intimidating. But I quickly found my niche, as I settled into my smaller Anthropology classes and got involved in activities at the Campus Y. I am now the president of an organization called Gappl, a community made entirely of students who took gap years like I did! I am carrying on a family tradition of graduating from UNC-CH and I am proud to finally be a graduate! --Marietta.

Marietta is proof that there are many paths to Carolina. We hope you have an outstanding college experience wherever you choose to attend. But if you are still interested in transfer admission in one or two years, we hope you'll keep in touch with us.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Is this a final decision?
Yes, I'm afraid it is a final decision. We can't re-consider your application this year.  However, if your heart is set on Carolina, there's always the option of transferring after a year or two at another school.

Why did you deny me?
There is never a simple answer to this question because our review is holistic. We don't deny any student on the basis of a single number or a single grade, but instead we consider everything we know about a student. We review your application multiple times and ultimately we have to make a lot of hard decisions. We just don't have space for all the talented students who apply.

Please let me know what other questions you have.