Monday, May 14, 2012

Greetings from Kyle Brazile, Sr. Asst. Director of Admissions for Enrollment

My name is Kyle Brazile, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions for Enrollment. I'm originally from Chicago but I've been living in North Carolina since 2007. My colleagues will tell you that they can hear the occasional jazz tune from my office but I am not shy about admitting that I now feel fully at home in North Carolina. The milder weather, the variety of the geography, and the friendly people here make N.C. a very enjoyable place to live. And of course, the atmosphere at Carolina is like no other. I am a Tar Heel fan through and through.

As part of my job, I oversee transfer credit and credit by exam to ensure that enrolling students receive the proper credit they have earned from their previous institutions. This means talking to students over the phone and  in person and through email. This time of year is very busy for us as we work to help students make a smooth transition to Carolina. To help, we'll post a number of our FAQs here. This includes questions I've been receiving and questions coming through our communications specialists who are taking your phone calls today. If you have questions beyond these, please post them here and we'll do our best to answer them.

I am an admitted transfer student but I didn't get the email with my transfer credit. All admitted transfer students should have received an email with their credit unless we do not have your most recent account on record. However, all currently enrolled transfer students may view the same information through their MyUNC.  If you haven't yet enrolled (as a reminder, the deadline is May 16) and need your evaluation re-sent, please email us at and we will send it to you.

When will I receive my credit by exam? We plan to award credit by exam for both first-year and transfer students (AP, IB, A-levels, SAT subject tests, etc.) by early fall.

I have just enrolled and plan to take a course at another university over the summer. How do I ensure that I get credit? For your convenience, you may apply online for approval using our Course Approval Form. We aim to respond to these requests within five business days.

What should I do if I don't agree with how my credit was evaluated? You may apply for re-evaluation using our online Course Re-Evaluation Form. Please note that because credit is determined by campus departments, these forms are submitted to the various campus departments for review. Therefore, your re-evaluation takes a little time but it should take no longer than 30 days before you are notified of the department's decision on your course re-evaluation.

I just applied for readmission. How do I find out my decision? Please log into MyUNC to view your decision. Please note that you should also check to make sure that you do not have any items on your admissions to-list. If you do, please address those items as soon as you can to ensure that you may matriculate as soon as possible. Please also note that it may take 1-2 days to matriculate from this point.

I am a newly readmitted student. Can I enroll in summer school? If you were just readmitted, and we're sorry for any inconvenience, but given the timing, the earliest that you may enroll is Summer Session II.

How will the courses that I've transferred fulfill Carolina's curriculum and my degree requirements? Once you have enrolled, you are encouraged to meet with Advising to determine how your transfer credit fulfills requirements. Also, as another reference, the Undergraduate Bulletin provides complete information about degree requirements, all majors and minors available at Carolina, course descriptions, and information about policies and procedures at Carolina. Academic Worksheets, which provide a one-page synopsis of degree requirements, are available on the Advising website. A worksheet is available for all majors. You may use the worksheets and the information in the Bulletin to tentatively determine how your transferred credits may be used. In the meantime, please visit the Advising website to learn more about the curriculum and academic options.

Also, to help ensure a smooth transition, for the first time Carolina is now offering orientation sessions just for transfer students. Attendance at one of these sessions is mandatory for enrolling transfer students but we think that you will not only find it helpful, you will also enjoy connecting with your fellow future classmates.  Learn more about Transfer Orientation.

What if I went to both a 2-year school and a 4-year school?  Is my cap 64 or 75 credit hours?If you take courses from a combination of a two-year and four-year institution, the maximum number of transferable hours will be determined by the most recent institution attended.  For example, if the last institution you attended is a two-year institution, then you may only transfer a maximum of 64 hours, while if the most recent institution was a four-year then you may transfer a maximum of 75 hours.

I am an international student. What do I need to do in order to have my transcript evaluated?If you have taken class at an international university, you will need to have your transcript evaluated first by a credit evaluation service such as WES – World Education Services.

Can I test out of a course by taking a CLEP examination? No, we're sorry but we no longer award credit by exam for CLEP exams.

Where and how do I submit my immunization records? Learn more here.  For additional questions, you may also contact Campus Health Services directly by calling 919-966-2281. 

I’m a visiting student and wish to take summer classes; how do I enroll? You may apply directly through our Summer School.

Do you offer tours in the summer?
Yes! The summer is a great time to visit us. The trees and flowers are in bloom and our campus continues to bustle with activity. We welcome students to campus all year long, Monday – Friday. Sign up for an information session and campus tour.