Monday, May 7, 2012

Please Tell Us How We're Doing

Charlie and I thank you for your feedback!
To all of our admitted students, again we congratulate you on your admission to Carolina! It probably feels like you’ve spent the past few months under the microscope, being evaluated, poked, and prodded, by us and all the other schools you applied to. We prefer to view it as a journey of “getting to know you” and we try to make it as humane as possible, but if I were you, I’d be tired of being in the hot seat too.  Which is why I’m happy to tell you that the tables have turned, and it’s now your turn to tell us how we’re doing.  And that’s why we’ve recently asked for your feedback via an online survey.

We have a bad habit in this office of signing a lot of our emails with “The Office of Undergraduate Admissions.” The survey invitation you received was probably signed the same way, but if you pulled back the curtain, you would find – no, not a wizard – but just little ole’ me.  My name is Jen Kretchmar, and I’ve been working in admissions as the Senior Assistant Director for Research for almost ten years now.  I have a graduate degree from Carolina, but I still take classes for fun (yes, and they are fun!).  If you take a literature course over the next four years, you might find me sitting next to you.

But back to the survey.  We talk a lot in our office about goals, and evaluation, and getting better.  We view feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly – as a gift.  And you the students are the only ones who can truly give it to us.  If you haven’t already responded to the survey, watch your email for a reminder invitation in the next few days, and then tell us what you think.  And please don’t hold back…

--Jen Kretchmar
Office of Undergraduate Admissions