Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You're Invited to...Visit Carolina this Summer!

Ever wonder who’s welcoming you to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UNC? WE ARE!

As the summer starts to settle in, you might be thinking: “I'd love to visit UNC, but it’s summer…what is there to do?” The Visit Team (left to right: Michael, Kellie, Sean, Margaret, Andrew and Erin) wants you to know that just because school is out, this doesn’t mean there aren’t great opportunities awaiting you. If you’re interested in learning about applying to Carolina and what your life could be like as a student here, you should plan to visit us. We offer campus tours Monday through Friday, twice a day. These sessions include a one-hour information session given by one of our caring staff members. These sessions will give you an in-depth look at how to apply to Carolina and how we read applications. After your information session, you’ll head out with the real Carolina experts, our incredible student ambassadors, on an hour to hour and a half walking tour of campus. You’ll have an experienced- based tour because we want to give you a good idea of what it is like to be a Carolina student.

But the information session and tour isn’t the only opportunity we offer. While you may be out for summer, we still have summer school classes that you can sit in on. Here’s a great opportunity visit a real-life college classroom and get a feel for what your future at Carolina has to hold academically. There’s also a model dorm room available weekdays from 1pm – 5pm in Hinton James.

So we’ve covered admissions, academics and where you’re going to live…what now?
If you want to get the "downtown experience," Franklin Street is the place to visit with more than 300 diverse businesses. It’s truly the heart of Chapel Hill where the famous alumni and visitors have walked and celebrated great sports victories or simply enjoyed a leisurely walk on a Sunday afternoon.

You’ve walked Franklin Street, but now your stomach is starting to growl from hunger. With about 120,000 residents, Orange County has one of the largest concentrations of diverse, multi-ethnic restaurants and eating places in the country. Guess what? If you ate at a different restaurant every day starting January 1, you wouldn’t have to repeat a restaurant until October!

So who’s on campus? Every summer, we have about 7,000 students take summer classes. So students are here, we are here, why aren’t you? Come visit us and see what Carolina has to offer!

For a list of the events on campus, please check out the University Calendar. You can also follow us on Twitter @UNCAdmissions.