Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FAQ Monday

It's not actually Monday but it feels like it after the long holiday weekend, so let's talk FAQs. Here are some of the questions we've been getting on the phones and by email lately:

How do I submit my teacher recommendation and counselor form on the Common Application? Go to the School Forms section on the left-hand side of the page. From here, you'll enter the email addresses of your teacher(s) and counselor. The Common App will email them with instructions on how to submit these materials. You'll want to follow up with your teacher and counselor to make sure they've received the email from the Common App and they have everything they need to submit these materials on your behalf. 

When filling out the Common Application, will my responses get cut off if they are too long? The free-response sections of the Common Application do have character limits, so you may need to edit down some of your responses to fit. You can double-check how your responses will appear by going to the Print Preview section once you've completed all the required questions. This preview will show you exactly what the admissions committee will see as they review your application.

Your essays will always appear in their entirety as these are documents that you upload separately. These do not get cut off if you exceed the recommended word limit--though we do appreciate it when you stay close to the requested length!

Where are the two essays on the Common Application? One essay is on the main part of the Common Application, and the second is on our school-specific supplemental form. Learn more about our essays.

More questions about the Common App? See their Support Center.

Will you accept my SAT/ACT scores if I submit them before or after the application deadline? Yes, you can submit test scores at any time. If they arrive before your application is submitted, we'll simply file them until your application arrives. And it's fine if your test scores arrive after the deadline as well. We can consider scores submitted through November for Early Action and through December for Regular Decision.

Does UNC grant credit for AP/IB/SAT Subject exams? Yes! See the full chart here.

Who is the admissions representative for my region/school? We don't divide our staff by geographic area, so any of our admissions counselors are happy to help you. Whether you call or email, you'll be directed to the dean of the day who can answer any of your questions about Carolina and applying for admission.

How will my college courses transfer to UNC? See our Transferring Your Courses page for lots of information about how we review transfer credit. The official evaluation of transfer credit is done in the spring after you've applied and been admitted to the University, but this page will help you predict how your previous coursework would transfer here. 

Any other questions? Please use the comments to ask!