Thursday, February 14, 2013

Midyear Grade FAQs

We thank all of those students who have reported their midyear grades, which is a requirement for all first-year applicants by tomorrow, Friday, February 15. Unfortunately, we're hearing that some of you have experienced trouble while attempting to do this. We hope the FAQs below will help address the questions we've received.

I receive this message when attempting to report my grades:
"Get of Midyear Grades Update Component failed (0,0 NC_DERIVED_ADM.NC_SS_SUBMIT.FieldChange  PCPC:1400  Statement:21"

We're very sorry for the error message you're receiving, but our technical team is looking into it and we hope to have it corrected very soon. For now, please exit the system and try again in 30 minutes. Make sure you're using Internet Explorer or Firefox. We understand that this has worked for some students.

I have submitted my grades, but this item is still on my To-do list. What can I do?
This is a simple fix. Please make sure to check the certify box and click on the submit button to submit your grades.  If the certify box is already checked, please uncheck it, check it again and the submit button should appear. 

My school does not report midyear grades. What should I do?
No worries. Just submit your first quarter or first trimester grade. For example, just submit your first quarter grade in the box and in the comment field add a comment that says: "This was my first quarter grade. My second quarter grade is (your grade)."

I sent you a transcript with my midyear grades. Why won't this work?
We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we must ask you to self-report your own grades. We cannot accept them from a transcript or from a report from your counselor. The only way to report your grades is to submit them yourself using the midyear grade form on your to-do list. We appreciate your cooperation and continued interest in Carolina.