Friday, February 15, 2013

Now We Have An App For That!

We're thrilled to unveil our first-ever mobile tour app, which you can download to your iPhone, iPad, or Android right now - just search "Tour Carolina" in Apple and Android app stores! We're excited to share our beautiful campus and the opportunities available here at Carolina with prospective students and visitors no matter where you are – from New York to New Zealand, from the lobby of our office to the comfort of your home. And did we mention that the app is free?!

We know that not all interested students and families can make it to our campus for an actual tour or information session, but with our new app, you can still experience all that Carolina has to offer on you own. All of the points of interest covered in our student-led campus tours are included in the app, so if we miss you on your next visit to campus, this app can serve as your virtual tour guide! Of course, we still recommend attending a regular information session and tour if you can, but this app is definitely a nice option if you can't make it for the real thing.

So now we need you to download our mobile tour app and review the initial version of it – play around, explore, and enjoy! But most importantly, please share any and all feedback – good and bad. Seriously! We want to know what you think, and based on your suggestions, we'll tweak the app to improve the experience for future users.

Thanks in advance for your comments, and we hope you’re as excited about this as we are!