Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday FAQs

Happy Monday! Below are some of the questions we've been getting over the phones and via email recently.

When will I receive my official decision letter?
Decision letters were mailed late last week. If you haven't received it already, you should in the coming days.

I'm admitted student. When will I receive my admissions packet?
Our brochure for admitted students was mailed with the letters of admission. Since decision letters were mailed late last week, you should receive yours in the coming days if you haven't received it already. You can also view our admitted student brochure online.

I received an email asking me to report my mid-year grades, what do I do?
You must self report your mid-year grades, so please don't ask your counselor to send us an updated transcript. Follow the steps below to self report your grades.

  1. Log into MyCarolina.
  2. Click on ConnectCarolina Student Center.
  3. Go to your To-Do List.
  4. Click on the "Midyear grades" link in your To-do List, and follow the online instructions.
    Review the email you received or click here for additional instructions.
When I log in to report my grades, why are some of my courses listed twice?
If you reported on your application that you're enrolled in a year-long course, then that course will be listed twice when you log into your ConnectCarolina Student Center. Please don't delete the duplicate listing. Just enter your first-semester grade in one of the class listings and use the comments box to explain that it's a year-long course in progress. For the second listing, leave the grade box blank (because you don't have your second-semester grade yet) and again use the comments to explain that it's a year-long course in progress.

When is orientation? 
All first-year students who plan to join us in the fall are required to attend one two-day orientation session this summer. The dates are listed below. Click here for additional information.

Monday, June 3 – Tuesday, June 4
Monday, June 10 – Tuesday, June 11
Monday, June 17 – Tuesday, June 18
Thursday, June 20 – Friday, June 21*
Monday, June 24 – Tuesday, June 25
Thursday, June 27 – Friday, June 28
Monday, July 8 – Tuesday, July 9
Thursday, July 11 – Friday, July 12
Monday, July 15 – Tuesday, July 16
Thursday, July 18 - Friday, July 19
Monday, July 22 – Tuesday, July 23
Thursday, July 25 – Friday, July 26
Tuesday, July 30 – Wednesday, July 31
Thursday, August 15 – Friday, August 16**

*The June 20-21 orientation session is for students who have been invited to Honors Carolina. All Honors Carolina Students will receive a special invitation to attend this designated session that is specifically tailored to the Honors Carolina student population. Only Honors Carolina students and parents/families will be in attendance.

** The August 15-16 orientation session is a make-up session. Students must request to be placed into this session after finding that none of the June or July dates are available.