Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't "Paws" Too Long: Carolina's Enrollment Deadline is Tomorrow!

It's been a crazy few weeks here on campus.

From President Obama's visit to final exams to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, there's been a lot of activity at Carolina lately.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it's been tough to find a few moments of calm. More than once, I've found myself feeling like this:


This is Whiskey. She's a therapy dog, part of a team that comes to campus during exam week to provide stress relief for students, faculty, and staff. Whiskey and her fellow therapy dogs work with patients at the NC Children's Hospital, assisted living homes, and other area medical centers to provide calming care to aid in the healing process. Whiskey, Mazie, and Teddy spent last Thursday in the Park Library of the J-School, ready and eager to give tail wags and puppy kisses in return for belly rubs and  treats - and, of course, lots of pictures. Silvia, Whiskey's mom/handler, told us that in the beginning, Whiskey was a jumper - very eager, very smart, but not so refined. Now, Whiskey knows that the day after she gets her bath, it's time to go to work. When the bandanas come out, it's game on.

Whiskey has some choices to make, too.
As we make this final push towards tomorrow's enrollment deadline for our admitted first-year students (admitted transfers, you still have until May 16), we know that this is a crazy time of year for you, too. Some of you have already decided upon your plans for the fall and are now sifting through mountains of information about housing, orientation, and thinking about what you'll study next year. But some of you are still in the throes of making a very big decision: which school will be the best fit for you? Which school will enable you to grow as a scholar AND as a person? Which school has the opportunities for research, study abroad, internships, public serviceacademics and connections with great students that are most important to you?

Sometimes advice can be heavy-handed.
Lots of people are offering you advice and guidance - some of it welcome, some of it subtle, some of it...less so. It seems everyone has an opinion and sorting through all your options can be pretty overwhelming.

After learning about the amazing things you've already accomplished from reading your applications, we are so excited about the possibility of you joining our community and making an impact here at Carolina. But our hopes and dreams are secondary to yours: in the end, this is YOUR decision. 
 YOU are the one who's going to college and YOU are the one who will be living on campus, taking classes, and deciding how to spend your time. And in the end, what's important is that you choose the school that enables you to grow, learn, and become the person you want - and deserve - to be.

Whiskey's found her happy place - now it's your turn to find yours.

If you have any questions or concerns about enrolling at Carolina, please continue to reach out to us and let us know - we're here by phone (919.966.3621) and email ( We hope to see you on campus in the fall!

Admitted transfer students: Ease your stress by remembering to RSVP for the Academic Advising Program’s transfer student welcome reception on Friday, May 4 from 4:30-6:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet professors, current students, and your new classmates in an informal setting. You will get to hear from current transfer students and enjoy light refreshments overlooking Kenan Football Stadium. Friends and family members are welcome to attend with you.