Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Campus Chatter: Update on Transfer Decisions, Senior Week & More

Yesterday, I spent some time outside over lunch. As I was walking back to Jackson Hall, I heard some rather insistent chirping from one of our nearby trees. I stopped to search for the source and discovered two fledgling mockingbirds starting to stretch their wings -- with Mom and Dad Mockingbird just a few branches away encouraging them along.

We’ve had a lot of chatter in the comments about transfer decisions so I thought it might be helpful to address these here. We experienced a 15% increase in transfer applications for Fall 2012 (for a total of just over 3,000), so it’s taking us a little longer than we had originally planned to review these applications. That being said, we know that the waiting is tough and we are so grateful for your patience as we complete our work. We use the same holistic approach to review our transfer applications as we do our first-year applications, and Julie’s post from earlier this year gives great insight into all the things that have to happen before we can release decisions.

We do not have a specific date or time that transfer decisions will be available yet, but they will be available by the end of April. At this time, we do not anticipate adjusting the enrollment deadline, which for transfer students is still May 16; of course, if that changes, we’ll let you know. Transfer credit evaluations for admitted students should be available at approximately the same time as decisions, so you’ll be able to review this in making your decision.

Lots of people on campus are chattering, too. With only about two weeks to go before the end of the semester, our students are looking ahead to plans for next year while finishing up their coursework for this year. For our seniors, it’s particularly exciting as they make plans for after graduation and this week is Senior Week. Last night, the Morehead Planetarium hosted seniors for a special program; tonight will be the Senior Send Off and Last Lecture; and on Thursday, seniors will get to climb the Bell Tower.

After graduation, our students are taking advantage of an increase in hiring projections and other fabulous opportunities. For example, Elaine Townsend will be spending next year teaching English in South Korea on a Fulbright award.

Here are some of the other stories that we’re chattering about:

Please let us know what other questions you have. If you include your name or at least a screen name, that’s great, as we like being able to respond to a specific person!