Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update on Transfer Decisions II

Good afternoon. We posted the majority of our decisions for transfer applicants on Friday. We thank all of our applicants for their patience as we carefully reviewed more than 3,000 applications for admission. We appreciate your interest in us and the time it took to prepare your applications. Letters will be mailed very soon.

Our phones are very busy today and in order to better serve those of you who may have been on hold, we'll post a list of frequently asked questions. Your comments and questions are welcome and we'll do our best to answer them here.

I was not offered transfer admission this year. Why?
We regret that we could not offer admission to everyone who applied this year. Due to the increase in applications, we had to turn away many students who would have succeeded here. No students are admitted or denied on the basis of a single number, and as part of our holistic review, we take everything we know about our applicants into consideration as we make our decisions. For this reason, and we're very sorry, but we're unable to provide individualized feedback to our applicants.

To all those applicants we could not accommodate, we hope that you will consider applying again. Sophomore transfer applicants are welcome to apply again as juniors and all applicants (sophomores and juniors) would do well to consider Carolina for graduate school in the future. Our students travel many paths to Carolina and not all are the same but those who join our community have an outstanding experience regardless of how they enter Carolina.

I am a transfer applicant but did not receive my decision.
A number of transfer applications remain under evaluation. We are releasing new decisions every day from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Please continue to check your MyUNC account. Please note that some of these applications remain under evaluation because we needed more information. If you have received an email from us requesting more information, it's very important that you respond as soon as possible.

FAQs Admitted Transfer Students

I am an admitted transfer student and I would like to enroll. What are my next steps?

First, please accept our congratulations!
  1. Log into MyUNC.
  2. Under Applicants, click on “ConnectCarolina Student Center.”
  3. Log in with your Guest ID.
  4. Under Admissions, click on “Click here to view your decision in a new window. Please make sure popup-blocking software is disabled.”
  5. Once you see your decision letter, you may click "Accept" to accept our office of admission and pay your enrollment deposit online.
I was admitted. When can I register for classes?
You can register for classes the day after you pay your enrollment deposit. So if you pay on Wednesday, you can register on Thursday. Unfortunately, if you pay over the weekend, you will need to wait one business day before you can register but you may do so as early as the following Tuesday.

When will I receive the email with my transfer credits?
We emailed transfer credit evaluations to more than 700 admitted transfer students over the weekend. The remaining evaluations will be sent out as soon as possible. Stay tuned; we will update the blog with more FAQs on transfer credit very soon.

I indicated that I planned to pay my enrollment deposit by check but now I want to pay through my credit card. How do I do this?Please contact our office at 919-966-3621 and we will happily re-set your payment options.

How can I receive a waiver for my orientation fee?
If you would like to defer your orientation fee, please contact the Office of New Student Programs at 919-962-8304. There is not currently an online option to defer payment, but New Student Programs will gladly help you set up a payment plan to suit your needs.

For more information, please be sure to check our website for Admitted Transfer Students.