Monday, March 25, 2013

FAQs for Waitlisted Students

For those of you we waitlisted, we're sorry to ask you to wait even longer for your final decision. We know you have already waited so patiently, and I know how frustrating this can be particularly for those of you who applied early action.

If you accept a place on our waiting list, we'll consider you for any spaces that are available in the class after we hear back from our admitted students by the May 1 enrollment deadline. In the early part of May, we'll determine how many spaces are available, and we'll review the applications of all of the students who accepted a place on the waiting list. Since the list isn't ranked, there's no way to predict any student's chances of admission.

We'll begin making offers to waitlisted students by the end of May. We may make several rounds of offers, but we promise to have a final decision to all students by the end of June.

A list of FAQs was included with your letter, and you can also view it here. Please read it carefully as it should answer most of your questions, but feel free to post a comment below if you have others.