Monday, March 4, 2013

We're On Weibo!

In case you haven't heard of it, Weibo is basically the Chinese counterpart to Twitter. Since we have a good number of prospective students and eventual applicants from China, we thought it was a good idea to find our way onto this rapidly expanding platform. And thanks to one of our awesome Chinese international students, we've done it! Carolina Weibo has been going strong since for almost three months.

Since students in China aren't able to access our website, Blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts, Carolina Weibo is a perfect way for us to connect with them. We've already posted on many aspects of Carolina – from admissions to classes to student life to athletics. So far, the most viewed post is one about Michael Jordan's connection to Carolina (yep, he's still as big of a deal there as he is here). Other posts include the history of Carolina's rivalry with Duke and the differences between Carolina and NC State. Apparently the Chinese characters for UNC and NCSU are very similar, so students sometimes confuse the two. Similar to prospective American students, Chinese students also want to know more about Carolina and Chapel Hill, so photo albums have also been popular on Weibo.

Any ideas for Carolina stories we can share with students in China? Post a comment and let us know!