Friday, March 1, 2013

Transfer Appreciation Day at Carolina

The positive energy exuded at today's Transfer Appreciation Day made me think of a book recently loaned to me by Brian Woodard called The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. Positive energy and positive people create positive results. The energy at this event was contagious. and it was no wonder the sun itself seemed to be shining its very own beam on the Pit today.

Pictured are Shannon Smith,the President-elect of Tar Heel Transfers, which sponsored today's event and Rebecca Egbert, who oversees the C-STEP program. Free food, a chance to sign the tablecloth and even T-shirts reinforced the welcoming message. We met current UNC transfer students from as close by as Fayetteville to as far as way as Kansas and California. The back of their T-shirts summed it up beautifully: Sorry we're late; we got here as fast as we could!