Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Admissions Office Welcomes High School Teachers!

Today 35 high school science teachers from across the state came together for our second Teacher Workshop this week. The focus today is Biology and Chemistry.

Teachers Ingrid Blank from Broughton High School in Raleigh and Thomas Taylor from Oakwood High School in Greenville learn from Dr. Jean DeSaix (pictured, Senior Biology Lecturer and winner of a national teaching award for undergraduate college biology) and Dr. Kelly Hogan, Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor in Biology.

In this session, "Biology 101 and the Convergence of Curriculum Recommendations," teachers and faculty discuss ways to better prepare students for college biology by incorporating active learning and scientific modeling in the classroom.

Later today teachers will take workshops on how to write effective letters of recommendation, microscopic "water bears," and the chemistry of flames. In March, we'll host workshops on Spanish and French and U.S. and World History.

We've enjoyed getting to meet the teachers who joined us today and those who came yesterday for the English workshop. Thank you for being here. We also appreciate the Carolina faculty members who graciously agreed to lead these sessions.