Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions of the Day!

After speaking with our communications specialists, we’ve learned that our phones are very busy today! We also received hundreds of emails over the weekend. We do appreciate hearing from you, and if we haven’t answered your questions yet, we thought we’d help by trying to answer a few of today’s FAQs on our blog.

Do I need to report my mid-year grades?
We require mid-year grades from admitted or deferred first-deadline applicants and all second-deadline applicants. If we require them from you, we will notify you on your To Do List on your MyUNC account. Please continue to visit your MyUNC page and follow the instructions provided. We regret that we cannot accept these grades by email, and please do not ask your guidance counselor to report your midyear grades on your behalf.

Midyear grades are on my To Do List but what if I’ve graduated or plan to take a gap year?
If you have graduated or are taking a gap year, in the course description, please simply enter a new course called "Gap year" or "Graduated" and for the grade, please enter "pass." It would also be helpful, if it's not too much trouble, for you to enter a short line in the description box that says something such as: "I have already graduated" or "I am taking a gap year."

Please also note that admitted students who plan to take a gap year must also request permission in writing from our office by July 1. For more information, please see Deferring My Enrollment.

What of my grades are not reported as letter grades (A, B, C, etc)?
Please do your best to convert your grades to a letter equivalent. For example, for a numeric grade of 91, the letter grade equivalent is a B+. Please select B+ in the grade box and type “91” in the explanation box.

If you are unable to identify an equivalent, please ask your counselor or teacher for assistance. You are also welcome to provide a short note in the comment box with more information for us.

For more information on reporting your midyear grades, please see Instructions for Reporting Midyear Grades.

What is the difference between my Guest ID and ONYEN?
Your Guest ID is the temporary account that you created as an applicant that gives you access to your MyUNC account. If your Guest ID is inactive for 12 months, it will expire. To reactivate an expired Guest ID, please call 919-962-HELP.

Your ONYEN is shorthand for “The Only Name You’ll Ever Need.” Admitted and enrolling students are required to create an ONYEN to view their financial aid and, when the time comes, register for courses. Note that you are not required to enroll to create your ONYEN. For more information, please see Creating Your ONYEN.

Thank you for your patience. If you have other questions, please feel free to post them here.

--Ashley, Admissions Office