Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet Arbra Cates, Communications Specialist and Ask Admissions Expert!

Hi. My name is Arbra Cates and along with Yolanda, I’m one of the Communication Specialists who assist students who call or email our office. When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, shopping, reading and learning about different cultures.

I'm also proud to be a recent Carolina graduate (December 2011) so I know firsthand what it’s like to be a student. Because of this experience, I understand what our applicants and enrolling students go through as they apply to Carolina, apply for financial aid, and later, register for classes. This includes everything in between. Let me help you!

We know that this is a particularly stressful time for all of our applicants – first-year and transfer. If you’ve waited for us to take your call or answer your email, we apologize for any delay you may have experienced. Please know that we are committed to doing our best to serve you.

I’m also in charge of Ask Admissions, which is a virtual answer system located on our website. The great thing about Ask Admissions is that by entering a simple keyword, you can get an immediate answer to most of your questions. We’re actually in the midst of updating this tool so that we can improve the information we provide to you. If you haven’t tried it before, I encourage you to try Ask Admissions today.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, new questions or better answers, I welcome them and encourage you to suggest them on this blog.

Questions of the Day:

My school sent you a copy of my transcript with my midyear grades. Why does my To-Do list still show my midyear grades?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept an electronic copy of your transcript in the place of your actual grades. Please follow the steps below and submit your grades online. As a reminder, we require mid-year grades from admitted or deferred first-deadline applicants and all second-deadline applicants. The deadline for submitting your grades is tomorrow, February 21.

To submit your grades, please follow these steps:

1. Log into MyUNC.
2. Click on your "Connect Carolina Student Center"
3. Look for your To-do List and click on "Admissions Items"
4. Click on the “Midyear grades” link in your To-do List, and follow the online instructions.

Once you submit your grades, the “Midyear grades” link will be removed from your To-do List.

For more, read our FAQs for Midyear Grades.

I applied for first-year admission for the second deadline and just received my official test scores for the January test. Will I still be able to submit my scores?

You are welcome to submit your test scores but we regret that we will not be able to consider them for our March notification. We will be able to consider them for waiting list candidates, however.

Have you received my transcript, test scores, etc? My To-do List is not updated.

If you are a first-year applicant and you believe that we should have received your transcript by now, please contact your counselor and make sure that it has been sent. If your counselor has already sent this to us, please ask them to call or email us and we will work to try to resolve this.

If you are a transfer applicant and your To-do list still shows your transcripts as being outstanding, please know that our records management staff is just beginning to go through our mail. It will take us about 3-4 weeks to complete our work to link your transcripts to your application. Please continue to check your MyUNC account for the latest information on your application materials.

For first-year and sophomore transfer applicants, if you’ve sent your test scores electronically, and your To-do still shows these items as outstanding, please call or email us and we will research this. If you are a junior transfer applicant, for whom test scores are not required, and your To-do list shows test scores as outstanding, please call or email us and we will remove the item from your To-do list.

Are you an admitted first-year student planning on enrolling? We certainly hope so, and if so, we encourage you to enroll online. But if you plan on mailing the enrollment reply form that was included in your admit pack, please use the address below. The Cashier's Office informed us on Friday that the address must include the street name to be recognized by the U.S. Post Office.

University Cashier
450 Ridge Road
Suite 2215, SASB North
Campus Box 1400
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1400