Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Explore New Interests at Carolina

Carolina students go on to do some pretty amazing things after spending four years with us. Last up in our short series of senior stories is Sarb...

When I came to Carolina, I was mainly focused on academics and research with a few hours reserved each week to cheer on our world-class sports teams. The one commitment I had that wasn’t purely academic was Admissions Ambassadors, which I joined to improve my public speaking skills in hopes of delivering better academic presentations. Ironically, it was my fellow Ambassadors who inspired me to break out of my academic shell and experience all that Carolina has to offer.

While listening to other Ambassadors’ service experiences, I was amazed at the scope and impact of their commitment to their respective causes. Their passion and enthusiasm opened my eyes to the many opportunities available at Carolina and helped me realize that developing other interests could only help my research and academics. I began to tutor and volunteer at area hospitals and with my friends’ service organizations. I’m now a Buckley Public Service Scholar and a Carolina Research Scholar, and I recently completed a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Each of these rich experiences helped me earn admission into the School of Medicine at the University of Virgina, where I will begin studying in the fall.

If you haven't yet enrolled, the deadline to do so is tomorrow at 11:59 PM ET! Remember that you can enroll electronically through MyCarolina.

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