Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet Andrew Parrish

Andrew Parrish
Title: Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
NC territory: Western NC
Out-Of-State territory: Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio
# of years at UNC: 2
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Area of specialty in office: I’m in charge of daily visitation, which means the various ways that people visit campus on a daily basis. It also means I get to work with some of our top students as I advise our Carolina Admissions Ambassador program, which is the program dedicated to engaging prospective students in meaningful conversation about Carolina.

My favorite part of my job is the humbling opportunity to be a beacon of light on the craggy shore of the college search journey. It’s such an exciting time of life for so many students, and I get the chance to interact with some of the brightest and most thoughtful prospective students this country has to offer. I get to share with them a little bit of the feeble advice I possess and have learned through my own trial and error. Now, that’s not a job, that’s a calling!

If I weren’t an admissions director, I would be…Do I have to give a realistic answer?? I am going to pretend I can be a big kid here…. I would either be A) Skiing in the Swiss Alps B) Taking pictures for National Geographic C) Starting a consulting business that allowed me to use experiential learning techniques in the wilderness to teach self-awareness and create opportunities for shared meaning amongst groups of people D) Free-lance writing about the world and the various peoples and cultures within it.