Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet Julie Sizemore

Julie Sizemore
Title: Assistant Director
NC territory: I am territory-less because of my other duties in the office. This occasionally makes me sad, and makes me not feel like a "real" recruiter. But then again, I don't have to criss-cross the state and country like a restless vagabond, so I see that as a plus.
OOS territory: See above.
# of years at UNC: One + a wee bit.
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Area of specialty in office: Communications (letters, emails, brochures, website, BLOG!!)

My favorite part of my job is working with our wonderful group of student bloggers and keeping in touch with prospective students through this blog.

If I weren’t an admissions director, I would be creating custom stationery, invitations, and prints on a 1,000 lb letterpress in my garage. I would wear a bandana on my head and flip-flops on my feet every single day. And since this is a daydream, we'll say I'd also have a complete silkscreen studio in there too. I'll need a bigger garage. Oh, wait. I'll need to get a garage. A big one.

If I could be an undergraduate all over again, studying at Carolina, I would major in…um...linguistics, information science, art, city and regional planning, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, journalism, or peace, war and defense. Or maybe sociology.