Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Dave Meredith

Dave Meredith
Title: Senior Assistant Director
NC territory: Wake County
Out-of-state territory: California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana
# of years at UNC: Five
Hometown: Morehead, Kentucky but spent most of my life in Ohio until I moved to NC.

My favorite part of my job is meeting students and helping them navigate the fairly complex world of admissions. It really isn’t that complex!

If I weren’t an admissions director, I would be a beach bum, but from what I hear, they don’t make much money. How about a SCUBA site explorer? Or even a food taster for seafood restaurants.
My favorite thing about Carolina is the students of course! It sounds corny but it is true.

When travelling in my recruitment territory, I like to count how many times I get lost. Sometimes it is a very high number. Luckily I’ve learned that it is OK to ask for directions.

The longest airline journey I’ve ever experienced was Cincinnati to Hawaii but man was it worth it!

If in possession of limitless worldly wealth, I would buy Maui and go diving every day. Oh, and eat grilled mahi for lunch every day! I’d spend the weekends in Belize exploring Mayan ruins.

If I could be an undergraduate all over again, studying at Carolina, I would major in…probably History or Political Science.

The best question I’ve ever gotten at a college fair was "Do you all have a basketball team?" And this was at a North Carolina fair!! I’m not making that up!

My best memory from my undergraduate experience is…The guys next door built a deck in their room. Think about it. They put their mattresses under the deck which meant nearly 100% of their room space was usable. It was a great idea and soon became THE place to hang out. Of course tearing it down was no fun but the rest of the year was great.