Thursday, September 4, 2008

New bloggers on the Tar Heel Blog

We've got a couple new bloggers posting over at Tar Heel Blog. Autumn is a sophomore journalism major from Martinsville, VA. Her first post includes an awesome 360-degree video of her dorm room, in case you're wondering just what a Carolina residence hall room looks like. I don't think they're all quite that clean--I'm not sure how many Tar Heels make their bed on a daily basis. I might be surprised though. These students have a way of surprising me pretty much all the time.

We also have Olga joining us. She's a first-year studying journalism and psychology. Born in Moscow, she now lives in Columbia, MO. I mentioned Olga in my last post for her great piece in the Daily Tar Heel about adjusting to college life, so I'm very excited to have her on the blog as well.

Welcome Autumn and Olga! A few more bloggers will be joining us in the coming weeks, so there will be lots of activity over on the Tar Heel Blog. Check it out.