Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez
Title: Assistant Director
NC territory: Mecklenburg and Union County
Out-of-State territory: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, California
# of years at UNC: 3 years
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Area of specialty in office: Diversity Recruitment

My favorite part of my job is speaking to prospective students and parents who might be going through the college application process for the first time; reading applications.

If I weren’t an admissions director, I would be helping develop education policy.

My favorite thing about Carolina is the student body. I have met some really dynamic, smart, involved and personable students that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here. It makes it easy for me to talk to prospective students and feel like I am being honest about what we have to offer.

When traveling in my recruitment territory, I like to eat at all the wonderful restaurants in my territory.

The longest airline journey I’ve ever experienced was when I was 12 years old…traveling to Honduras to visit relatives. I left from New York went to Miami and was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Honduras. I missed my connecting flight, had to stay overnight in Miami with a flight attendant then for some reason flew to Texas the next day and then to Honduras. It was the scariest most grown up thing I had ever done up to that point!