Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday On The Road: Heavy Lifting in High Heels

Admissions representatives do not need to carry dumbbells along on the road, because we lift enough heavy boxes to maintain our fitness. I handed out at least 500 of our brochures to students and families today in Alamance and Orange counties. That adds up to a substantial amount of packing, unpacking, pulling, toting, stacking and arranging. Amidst all of the moving of materials, admissions reps have to be outfitted with the proper equipment to get the job done. I've compiled a list of the items I can't live without on the road.

Laurie's Top Ten Admissions Travel Items
  1. Brochures... Of course, we attend college fairs to provide both printed and verbal information, so the brochures are a must.
  2. Rolling Suitcase... (Pictured Above) When I'm not carrying boxes I'm wheeling a black bag full of materials behind me. If you have ever seen us arriving for college fairs, we look like flight attendants entering an airport.
  3. Van... I'll be driving more than 500 miles this week! All of the materials are arranged in just the right way for easy access in loading and unloading.
  4. Bottled Water... To maintain my voice while talking all day.
  5. Cell Phone... I'm not sure how we survived without them.
  6. Google Maps... Another thing I barely remember living without. When possible, Google Maps is replaced by GPS.
  7. Name Tag... I'm proud to wear my name tag, because I'm proud to represent UNC-Chapel Hill!
  8. Coffee... I'm addicted anyway, but admissions travel gives me an excuse to have a cup (or two).
  9. Computer... I try to stay connected to the happenings in the office as much as possible while on the road.
  10. Carolina Blue... Like I said, I love the University, so I try to incorporate Carolina Blue into my outfits as much as possible.
To be successful at traveling, it's helpful to have flexibility, a good sense of direction, creativity and a love for visiting new places as well.

Before I travel farther away from home for the rest of the week, I better make sure my bags are packed!